The Dellow Centre and the homeless industry

The Dellow website

When you look at a website of the Dellow Centre you could imagine that it is a heaven on the earth. I should have to say that the people who made this website were professionals, but are they any good at helping homeless people to get back their life?

Do Places like Dellow exist just for the benefit of homeless people who have no money, or is the real concern for them the people who pay – the sponsors?

Monkeys for zoo’s

If you want to understand it – think about zoo. The zoo is not for animals, not for monkeys, hippopotamuses or lions. It is there to provide for the people who pay the tickets. They are the real concern of a Zoo. This same is with places like Dellow. They are not for their monkeys. To be honest, monkeys are always available – there be no shortage of monkeys – and no one have to care about them. We can even find monkeys for our needs, monkeys which say whatever we want and do whatever we want as well. And there will be always happy monkeys for what we provide for them. And the real clients will be happy to see happy monkeys. So everybody is happy and places like Dellow has their mission done, just to make the sponsors feel more happy.

“Change their state”

But what for the monkeys? As we can see, not every monkey will be employed in the circus called Dellow. Not every monkey wants to look happy for clients, so what with them? Does anybody care? For sure Dellow will not care, because they do not like this kind of monkeys which are not happy for playing in their circus. It is difficult to say, but not everyone is happy to be homeless, and some people would like to change their state.

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One response to “The Dellow Centre and the homeless industry

  • thepartisannews

    The Dellow centre is a scam. i had an appointmet with one of the workers there when i had to wait to be seen for a half an hour past the previously agreed time, when the person himself all the time was standing with the cake on the plate in the time” in the kitchen as if ready to serve someone, who actually was not there. another day i had been waiting to be reasesed as second in line while the centre was full of workers doing no one knows what: walking arround, knitting, chatting with each other etc. at the same time they refused to let me buy the breakfast in the kitchen, explaining they can not till i am not reasesed. they are treating homelesshorrible and acting like gods themselfs. this place is great example how it all works. homeless people are the money loundering mechanism, they have to stay on the streets other wise all Crisis, Dellow and alike would have to find real jobs, which saeems they do not want to happen.


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