Perhaps they’re the reincarnations of King Arthur and Lady Guinevere come to save England in its darkest hour !  Considering every time these people make a public appearance they’re in ever more fanciful fancy dress,I would really like to know . Sometimes you can see him in the garb of an Admiral with a chest full of medals, at other times he might turn up dressed as some other high ranking, highly decorated warrior of the realm.( Of course, we all know what his brother’s favourite uniform looks like ! ) She on the other hand sports the big round hats !

April 29 is the 119th day of the year and the 66th anniversary of Hitler and Eva Braun’ tying the knot. And yes, on this auspicious day of all days. William Arthur Philip Windsor and Kate Middleton are getting wed . LOL

He is from the richest family on this planet. It’s estimated they own 6.6 percent of said planet. So, it  is only right and proper that when this bloke gets married  we should just drop everything we’re doing, pick up our Union Jacks and fawn around the Mail like the bunch of mindless morons  we truly are, or is it ?

What exactly is going on here? Why do apparently normal sane adults lose the power of objective reason and worship this “ROYALTY” when even the smallest amount of critical thinking should shatter this illusion, just like Inspector Clueso might shatter an expensive vase while dusting it for finger prints. Of course, there’s the constant brain washing oozing from our TV sets,  banging on, especially now, about how bloody marvellous the royal family are. But, there has to be more to it ?. After all, history proves these families are psychopathic lunatics. Maybe some kind of hypnotic magical glamour spell has been cast over this country and indeed the whole world. Who knows ?

By Michael X


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