The New World Order.Order Out Of Chaos

After  murdering Mark Duggan police let London burn. Now the witch hunt begins . I have no doubt this was the plan from the start.,Problem, reaction, solution, three simple steps which ensure your agenda is demanded by the people, and if your agenda is a Police State this is just perfect.

Oh how the BBC, Channel four, ITV, and the rest applauded the so called Arab Spring, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain. How they marvelled at the power of the people, the power of Face Book, My Space, Twitter. Well now the chickens are coming home to roost.

My advice, don’t riot it’s exactly what they want.

Michael X


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3 responses to “The New World Order.Order Out Of Chaos

  • thepartisannews

    And they planned to put a bullet into the radio of one of their own as well? I don’t think the riots were orchestrated by the state because that means that the rioters were just sheep herded into action by the powers that be. They didn’t look very sheep-like to me. The Conservative government are grabbing the opportunities offered though, and you are right to be worried. But you are not alone in that – despite what most of the talking heads are saying.
    And what do you mean ‘WE marvelled at ….Facebook,?’ I certainly didn’t. I hate it when people use ‘we’ as if they can read my mind like some superior god-like being.
    And stop using the F word. My mum reads this blog. I edited them out.
    Mike D

  • thepartisannews

    Hi Mike the “we” was referring to our news media, which does a lot of thinking on everyone’s behalf. They are happy when North African and Middle Eastern counties use social sites to organise. I was actually referring to the way we were being told to read it ( i could have been clearer)
    Sorry to your Mum no more F words from me
    Michael X

  • thepartisannews

    Hello again Mike I have done a little edit of my own and taken out the WE and now I think it reads a little better. You were right about the WE . The piece was wrote in a hurry after watching Crime- Watch and I was fuming, hence my bad language. I hate the thought of coming across as a Superior- God-like-. Being, I can just about cope being a paranoid conspiracy theorist ! Seriously I do believe dark forces seek to control .this planet and are happy to use both left and right wing politics
    Your input and comments are much appreciated .
    Michael X
    . .

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