Dellow, thanks for feeling homeless!

The Dellow centre is the worst homeless helping institution i have experienced in
 three years time. It seems they like to keep people waiting with no obvious reason 
and do, God knows, upset they clients.
During the appointment with one of the workers i had to wait to be seen for a half
 an hour, when the person himself all the time was standing 
with the cake on the plate in the kitchen as if ready to serve someone, 
yet no one actually was interested in anything getting there, it was past 
the usual kitchen hours. when questioned of the reason for such a disrespect in
 the civilised, not offensive manner, 
she replied doing a volunteer service and is not obliged to help anyone!

 i could not go there for the next few month out of disgust i felt for the way they are,
 and then i came to buy a breakfast and was refused till the reassessment to be done.
 which was not happening and not happening when i left hungry... their robotic: "sorry,
 it is not allowed, sorry it is not allowed.." is the only explanation i heard for
 having no reassessment when four or five of them where present in the corridors and
 arround the room interacting on they mobile phones, computers, finger nails and
 each other... this place is superbly absurd and should be closed immediately i think.

thanks to Chris for the corresponding opinion and thank you, Dellow you really made feel
the label "Homeless" sticky! 



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