The New World Order.Order Out Of Chaos

After  murdering Mark Duggan police let London burn. Now the witch hunt begins . I have no doubt this was the plan from the start.,Problem, reaction, solution, three simple steps which ensure your agenda is demanded by the people, and if your agenda is a Police State this is just perfect.

Oh how the BBC, Channel four, ITV, and the rest applauded the so called Arab Spring, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain. How they marvelled at the power of the people, the power of Face Book, My Space, Twitter. Well now the chickens are coming home to roost.

My advice, don’t riot it’s exactly what they want.

Michael X


Irish Traveller prisoners trapped in “Kaka-esque’ cycle of recidivism because 60% cannot read or write

New report by the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain

Irish Traveller prisoners are unable to access prison rehabilitation courses because three in five cannot read or write claims a recent report released by the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain.

Irish Travellers (courtesy of Patrick - ITMB)

The report, Voices Unheard; Irish Travellers in prison, released on the 13th June, says that nearly half of the UK’s estimated 400-800 Irish Travellers in jail are young adults, compared with 10% amongst the wider prison population. This has raised concerns that a significant proportion of a whole generation of this marginalized ethnic minority may be at risk.

Researchers from the ICB also discovered widespread discrimination by both prison staff and other prison inmates towards Irish Traveller prisoners, including the widespread use of racist name-calling.

Irish Travellers campaign against racism

The report also highlights a discriminatory system which included a paper-based “Kafka-esque” bureaucracy that excluded illiterate Irish Traveller prisoners from prison complaints procedures, education courses – including basic literacy classes – and behavior management workshops. Irish Traveller prisoners were also effectively barred from parole procedures and early release schemes because prison authorities did not consider that Traveller sites where suitable addresses for rehabilitating prisoners. In addition to this, the report says, Irish Traveller prisoners found it difficult to access medical services in prison, and health and mental health problems were left untreated. This was happening to prisoners from a community that already suffers from poor health and early mortality, with half of Irish Traveller men dying before their 50th birthday, the report warned.

“The reason why so many are in prison in the first place is poor education”

Lord Avebury, a veteran campaigner for Gypsy and Traveller rights, welcomed the report. “The reason why so many are in prison in the first place is poor education.  If they can’t read or write how can they communicate with the authorities when they get out, let alone earn a living? No wonder so many get into trouble again,” he said.

The report also found that a younger generation of Irish Traveller men where increasingly unable to make a living as self-employed traders or builders because their poor education barred them from navigating the amount of paperwork involved. Having no legitimate way to make a living, the report said, meant that some young Irish Travellers were stealing just to feed and house their families. This, the report suggested, was exacerbated by the break-up of Irish Traveller communities due to the lack of legal sites and draconian laws that have made a nomadic way of life illegal in the UK.

Horse fair (courtesy of ITM)

“What else am I meant to do?”

These findings were backed up by a young Romany Gypsy man who was interviewed by The Partisan News. Although Romany Gypsies and Irish Traveller culture differs and the two ethnic minorities have a distinct history and language, the two communities do share similar problems of racism and discrimination, economic change and marginalization. Speaking under an assumed name to protect his identity, Jim, 24, from the East Midlands said: “I do the scrap, get caught, go inside, come out. I left school at 13 with no qualifications; I can barely read or write. No one is going to give a Gypsy with a criminal record a job. What else am I meant to do to make a living?”

“If we had settled sites, the crime rate would drop overnight”

Another problem that is common to both Gypsies and Irish Travellers is the lack of legal sites. The report quotes an Irish Traveller prisoner who says: “If we had sites, if we had settled places to be as a community the crime rate would drop overnight. But when you’ve got families split up, kids running wild, then you can’t supervise them.”

More sites are needed (courtesy of ITM)

The main recommendation that the report makes is that prison authorities should count and monitor ethnic Irish Traveller prisoners and that the National Offender Management Service records this information on their data base. “If they are not counted then they don’t count,” said Philomena Cullen, the Director of the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain. The other recommendations were for flexibility of service delivery so that education courses where available to those with a low education attainment, and the roll-out of mentoring schemes within prisons that are specifically targeted at Irish Traveller prisoners.

Traveller child and wagon

When contacted, a spokesman from the prison service said: “We are committed to fairness for all and take prompt action whenever discrimination is discovered. Teachers in prisons deal with all levels of literacy including those with no basic skills. Prisoners with poor literacy skills can still take accredited education courses. In some cases offenders may be referred to a literacy class before inclusion on a course.” The spokesman also said that “there is nothing in principle to prevent the release on home detention curfew of Irish Travellers,” although a “mobile home” presents “technical difficulties” for monitoring early release schemes to Traveller sites. However, the spokesman did recognise the lack of ethnic monitoring. “We are in the process of updating our system so it will include Gypsy or Irish Traveller as ethnic categories,” he said.

Key facts

At 140 – 200 per 100,000 Irish Travellers in prison compared to 148 in the wider population, there may be a slightly higher percentage of incarceration amongst Irish Travellers. But compared with the wider poorer population, it is about the same or slightly less.

By Mike Dherty

Pictures borrowed from Irish Traveller Movement.

2000 YEARS . Video made at Crisis with We Are The Story

Thanks to Crisis UK for letting us record this music and video in their studio ,and giving us the artistic freedom to express ourselves without censorship.

Oz vocals

Michael X guitar

A View of the River

( From the 1983 community play of the same name, by Alan Giley.)

The Thames at Shadwell

On the waterfronts of London,
There were buildings full of dust.
They used them to store memories,
Broken glass and rust.
The barge of broken industry
Lay sinking in the silt.
And nothing passed between us,

Except the passing of the years,
Till you came and you consulted us
With fingers in your ears.
You promised us a future
and then began to dither.
Can’t afford the price you’re asking for
a view of the river.

Tus and barges work the Thames

In a street that still remembered
A thousand smells of spice,
Deals were made and plans displayed
And hands shook on a price.
Then the place that no one wanted
Became just the place to be
And you announced we must renounce
Our right of tenancy.

You sell the land from under us
Till the East becomes the West.
And you become the Islanders
And we the dispossessed.
You talked about a wind of change,
But we just felt the shiver.
Can’t afford the price you’re asking for
a view of the river.

On the waterfronts of London
You construct your colony.
You wine and dine. We just decline.
Unwanted property.
Our river is diverted.
Our geography renamed.
But high walls can be broken
And views can be reclaimed.

We want a bit more than
the least that you can give.
We want some more respect
For who you’re dealing with.
We’d ask you for the whole world,
But we know you don’t deliver.
Can’t afford the price you’re asking for
a view of the river.

Minority Report no longer fiction.

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British police have arrested activist Charlie Veitch from his home in Cambridge on suspicion of ‘conspiracy to cause a public nuisance’ at the royal wedding.

The activist was arrested Thursday in a pre-wedding raid, despite the fact that he had recently gone to police, on his own accord, to discuss how he is entirely non-aggressive and has no plans for disrupting the royal wedding.

The activist’s detention puts a big question mark before the claims that the UK is an advocate of democracy, freedom of expression and human rights.

Police arrested activist Charlie Veitch on charges of possibly conspiring to create a public nuisance. By nuisance, they mean speaking freely in a public space, which is what all human beings have the right to do.

The UK, if it was a democracy, has lost its credibility to be a democratic state. There have never taken place so many democratic activists’ arrests, anywhere in the world, not only on suspicion of thought-crime, speech-crime, or political assembly crime, but now on offences defined by the British police as pre-crime.

Veitch, who lives off Midsummer Common in Cambridge, had set up a group called the Love Police.

Silkie Carlo, 21, a second year student at Cambridge University studying politics and psychology, said Veitch, her boyfriend, was arrested Thursday at 5pm.

She said the allegation is ‘conspiracy to cause public nuisance’ on Friday.

“He was arrested as part of a political victimization campaign”, she added.

“What he does is he is a filmmaker who uses a megaphone. He’s quite known for being harmless, peaceful and vocal”, said Silkie Carlo.

“One of the things we specialize in is hugging police. It is fun to film. They are friends rather than enemies so this is quite unprecedented”, added the activist’s partner.

“This is a free speech crime but worse than that, it’s a free speech pre-crime.”

“The royal wedding itself is a public nuisance. I don’t consider a democratic protest to be a public nuisance”, said Carlo.

She said 20 to 30 people gathered outside Parkside police station between 9.30pm and midnight yesterday adding there would be a similar protest today at 3pm.

Terri Oaks, who lives in Cambridge and attended the demonstration outside Parkside on Thursday night, said: “Cambridge residents are appalled that the government has so little respect for the right to protest, that they are arresting people across the country for even thinking about protesting at the royal wedding.

“The public is footing the £20 million bill for the wedding, but we are being denied the right to voice our opinions, just as the government has been suppressing our right to protest against the welfare cuts which are hitting the poorest the hardest”, added Oaks.

Copied and pasted from Press TV by Michael X



If you don’t know who Charlie Veitch is google …love police. There’s quite a few love police videos on you tube.

Last night 28th Charlie was arrested and is being held at Cambridge Parkside Police Station..This bloke is being held in case he commits a crime ? WTF is going on ?

Michael X



Perhaps they’re the reincarnations of King Arthur and Lady Guinevere come to save England in its darkest hour !  Considering every time these people make a public appearance they’re in ever more fanciful fancy dress,I would really like to know . Sometimes you can see him in the garb of an Admiral with a chest full of medals, at other times he might turn up dressed as some other high ranking, highly decorated warrior of the realm.( Of course, we all know what his brother’s favourite uniform looks like ! ) She on the other hand sports the big round hats !

April 29 is the 119th day of the year and the 66th anniversary of Hitler and Eva Braun’ tying the knot. And yes, on this auspicious day of all days. William Arthur Philip Windsor and Kate Middleton are getting wed . LOL

He is from the richest family on this planet. It’s estimated they own 6.6 percent of said planet. So, it  is only right and proper that when this bloke gets married  we should just drop everything we’re doing, pick up our Union Jacks and fawn around the Mail like the bunch of mindless morons  we truly are, or is it ?

What exactly is going on here? Why do apparently normal sane adults lose the power of objective reason and worship this “ROYALTY” when even the smallest amount of critical thinking should shatter this illusion, just like Inspector Clueso might shatter an expensive vase while dusting it for finger prints. Of course, there’s the constant brain washing oozing from our TV sets,  banging on, especially now, about how bloody marvellous the royal family are. But, there has to be more to it ?. After all, history proves these families are psychopathic lunatics. Maybe some kind of hypnotic magical glamour spell has been cast over this country and indeed the whole world. Who knows ?

By Michael X